Video Series

  • 21-Day Meditation Tune-up with Swami Divyananda

    22 videos

    Join Swami Divyananda for a recorded, self-paced series of 21-days of guidance and practice of meditation. Starting with ten minutes, the meditation sessions will increase towards one full hour on the last day. Accept this challenge and invite your life to be fully transformed!
    July 20th:
    Days 1–...

  • Resolving Inner Conflict and Painful Emotions with Swami Ramananda

    2 videos

    In this 2-part workshop, Swami Ramananda speaks on working with our painful emotions and inner conflicts by cultivating more awareness and presense of what is in our hearts. Recorded from a live workshop in June 2020 at Integral Yoga San Francisco.

  • Wisdom and Light Series II

    4 videos

    Mataji continues the conversation with Series II of Wisdom Light. Speaking on the importance of Actions and knowing yourself in creating Joy and Positivity, in these recorded videos from Mataji's June 2020 online workshop. Swami Hamsananda joins as a special guest speaker for part II of the Serie...

  • Wisdom and Light Series I

    4 videos

    In this previously recorded workshop from May 2020, you will have the opportunity to benefit from the wisdom and light of Swami Gurucharanananda, lovingly called Mataji

  • Sage Insights with Swami Hamsananda

    2 videos

    Swami Harmsananda shares her wisdom and humor in this 2 part series. Recorded from her 2020 Live workshop, Sage Insights with Swami Hamsananda

  • Chair to There

    3 videos

    In this 3 part series Sridevi Jones teaches 3 Integral Yoga Hatha Level 1 classes from the chair to the floor to the mat.
    Part 1 is a Hatha Level 1 class in the chair
    Part 2 goes from the chair to the floor. Released 5/11
    Part 3 is a regular Hatha Level 1 class building on the foundation of Parts...

  • Foundations of Integral Yoga Therapy

    3 videos

    Learn the foundations of Integral Yoga Sadhana (Spiritual Practice), with these 20-min. Sadhana practices lead by Swami Vidyananda. Sessions will explore Hatha, Movement, Pranayama, and Meditation.
    Learn More about Swami Vidyananda

  • Bhakti Yoga: Love is the Answer - 4-part series with Mataji

    4 videos

    Join Mataji on a journey of Love and Bhakti Yoga. In this 4-part series Mataji discusses Love, Bhakti, Devotion, and the Divine.

  • Health and Wellness with Dr. McLanahan

    4 videos

    Explore the intersection of Yoga and your Health and Wellness with Dr. Amrita McLanahan. Dr. McLanahan covers the following topics over 4 1-hour Episodes.
    Health Benefits of Yoga. Released 3/2
    Diet. Coming 3/9
    Fasting & Detox. Coming 3/16
    Health & Politics. Coming 3/23

    The 4-episodes were recor...

  • Beginners Level 1 Hatha: 4-part series with Satya Greenstone

    2 videos

    Video Series
    Join Satya Greenstone on this 4-part journey of an in-depth practice and progression through the poses and benefits of Integral Yoga's Level 1 Beginners Hatha practice. Satya provides additional instructions to help those new to the poses or for those that want to go deeper in their...

  • Free Your Joints: 3-Part Special by Dhivya Berthoud

    3 videos

    Video Series
    Using the Joint Freeling Series, Dhivya Berthoud teaches you how to 'Free Your Joints' with the the basics, the benefits, and the proper alignment for your body, including specific instruction for the Low Back, Pelvis, Neck & Shoulders in this 3-part Special. Ending with a Bountiful ...

  • The Living Gita: A Commentary on the Bhagavad Gita with Sri Swami Satchidananda

    33 videos

    Bhagavad Gita. Video Series.
    New Episodes Weekly: Parts 32 and 33 added 2/2 ...

  • Yama with Swami Karunananda

    4 videos

    Video Series
    Join Swami Karunananda for a 4-part series on Yama (the 5 Abstinences), one of the eight-limbs of Yoga. Swami Karunananda teaches on each of the 5 Yama's (Abstinences):
    Ahimsa (Non-Violence)
    Satya (Truthfulness)
    Asteya (Non-Stealing)
    Brahmacharya (Continence/Moderation)
    Aparigraha (N...

  • How to Make Your Mind Stronger

    3 videos

    Video Series
    Three short talks covering topics from the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali on "How to Make Your Mind Stronger" by Sri Swami Satchidananda.
    Part 1: Tapas
    Part 2: Four Locks and Keys
    Part 3: Brahmacharya