Integral Yoga Podcasts

Integral Yoga Podcasts

Hosted by Avi Gordon, the Integral Yoga Podcast features exclusive interviews with leaders in Yoga, Spirituality, and Mindfulness.
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What is Integral Yoga?

Integral Yoga, as developed by Swami Satchidananda, is comprise of the six classical branches of Yoga (physical practices, meditation and mantra practices, heart-opening practices, selfless service, and self-inquiry) integrated into a holistic system to awaken us to our true nature of peace and joy. The entire system rests upon a foundation of respect for all faiths, for diversities, and for the unity in our diversities.

Integral Yoga Podcasts
  • Yoga for Everyone with Rev. Jivana Heyman

    Integral Yoga Podcast Episode 4 - Jivana Heyman - Yoga for Everyone

    Accessible yoga is an inclusive program to support yoga teachers who are bringing yoga to populations that aren’t included in commercial or mainstream yoga classes. Join the founder of Accessible Yoga, Rev. Jivana Heyman and lea...

  • You've got one life, live it! with Satyam Penn

    Episode 3 - Satyam Penn - You've got one life, live it!

    My approach is to let other people think of my labels for me. It's not really any of my business.

    I think the most you can say about human potential, is that approaching something greater than yourself with an attitude of service, gives y...

  • Self Care is Finding the Self with Krishna Das

    "Real self care is finding the self."

    "A lot of people don't know how to take care of themselves in a very simple way."

    "It's really about becoming a better leader."

    "Look how we live. As if we're never going to die."

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  • Life of Yoga with Satya Greenstone

    "I find that teaching a yoga class is the one time that I'm not even there." - Satya Greenstone
    Learn more about Satya Greenstone

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