Integral Yoga Podcasts

Integral Yoga Podcasts

Hosted by Avi Gordon, the Integral Yoga Podcast features exclusive interviews with leaders in Yoga, Spirituality, and Mindfulness.
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What is Integral Yoga?

Integral Yoga, as developed by Swami Satchidananda, is comprise of the six classical branches of Yoga (physical practices, meditation and mantra practices, heart-opening practices, selfless service, and self-inquiry) integrated into a holistic system to awaken us to our true nature of peace and joy. The entire system rests upon a foundation of respect for all faiths, for diversities, and for the unity in our diversities.

Integral Yoga Podcasts
  • God in a Dragonfruit: A Conversation with Victoria Moran

    Avi Gordon and Victoria Moran discuss veganism, yoga, ahimsa and being a good example. Featured twice on Oprah and listed by VegNews magazine among the Top 10 Living Vegetarian Authors, Victoria Moran has written thirteen books including Creating a Charmed Life and Main Street Vegan.

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  • Exhilarating Comfort in the Unknown with Greta Rose Pharr

    Avi and Greta Rose discuss optimism, finding comfort in the unknown, living a simple life, gratitude, and more.

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  • Music as a Path of Transformation: A Conversation with Sean Johnson

    Kirtan artist Seán Johnson, of Seán Johson and the Wild Lotus Band, discusses:

    - the importance of preparation for presenting and his personal singing practice as a means of connecting to the universe
    - the balance between planning and staying present in the moment - using templates as a framewo...

  • Growing Up with Integral Yoga: A Conversation with Radha Metro-Midkiff

    How many of us can say that we grew up in a yogic household, going to a yogic school, living at an ashram, surrounded by the grace of the Guru? Radha Metro-Midkiff can. Radha shares about her childhood, her current service, and her special relationship with Swami Satchidananda.

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  • To Be a Blessing to All the Families of the Earth with Rabbi Rami Shapiro

    Host Avi Gordon and his guest Rev. Rabbi Rami Shapiro discuss Shabbos, play, freedom of belief, tribalism, silence, gratitude practice, changing the world without antagonism and the divine feminine.

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  • In the Vastness of Everything: A Conversation with Gaura Vani

    Gaura Vani was raised from birth in temples in India and the US by his Hare Krishna parents. He plays ancient Indian drums and sings in archaic languages like Sanskrit for the blue-skinned Lord Krishna. And now he's teaching his three children this same timeless art called kirtan. Links: Patreon:...

  • When did you get so into Yoga?: Integral Yoga Podcast with Tom Callahan

    Tom Callahan and Avi Gordon discuss what jobs "help people", how we relate to our egos in daily life, and gratitude. Quotes from the interview: * In a more lighthearted way I would say [Yogaville] was started by some hippies following their guru, who was the swami that gave the invocation to open...

  • Yoga was Everything my Body and Mind Ever Wished For: Podcast with Rukmini Ando

    "Rukmini Ando talks about her introduction to yoga, the similarities between formal meditation and creating art, and how teaching gets her out of the way.

    Quotes from the Interview:
    * I think it's much easier when we're focusing on others because then you kind of have to step up in order to rais...

  • Purposefully Purposeless: A Conversation with Robert Moses

    Robert Sankara Moses has 50 years’ experience as a teacher of yoga and advaita vedanta. Born in South Africa, Robert studied architecture, travelled abroad and, in 1972, discovered yoga in the tradition of Swami Sivananda of Rishikesh, India. He served in the International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta ...

  • Living yoga: A Conversation with Marc Mukunda Morozumi

    Mukunda and Avi unfold the importance of acceptance on the path to better health, and the obstacles that often get in the way. Mukunda shares about his story of transformation, the importance of connecting to your passions, and his love for the city of San Francisco. A rich and heart opening conv...

  • A Sovereignty Emerges: Conversation with Nataraj Langdon

    Nataraj has been living at the Satchidananda Yogaville ashram for the past year and a half after spending the previous year at the Sivananda ashram in the Bahamas. He was formerly a run of the mill business executive who traded the world for an ashram.
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  • Gentle Somatic Yoga: A Conversation with James Knight

    James is one of the early pioneers to bridge yoga and Somatics. Gentle Somatic Yoga® (GSY) is the culmination of his life’s work as an experienced yoga teacher, certified Hanna Somatic Educator, body-oriented psychotherapist, movement educator, and author. James trains and certifies yoga teachers...

  • Decision-making, Fun and the Younger Generation: A Conversation with Hamsa Cho

    Hamsa Cho and Avi Gordon discuss yoga in leadership and decision-making, and how to grow without "beating ourselves up". Hamsa currently serves as the executive director for Integral Yoga Institute New York. She has 20 years of business and consulting experience. Bringing yoga to all adds excitem...

  • Transforming Our Own Hearts: A Conversation with Swami Ramananda

    Swami Ramananda of the Integral Yoga Institute of San Francisco talks with Avi Gordon about adapting to conditions, how compassion follows naturally from meditation, and about what really makes us happy.
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  • Seriousness is a Crime in the Court of God: A Conversation with Jonathan Foust

    Jonathan Foust, MA, CSA, is a guiding teacher with the Insight Meditation Community of Washington and a founder of the Meditation Teacher Training Institute in Washington. A senior teacher and former president of Kripalu Center, he leads retreats, trainings and classes in the Washington DC area a...

  • Feel the Pain, Turn It Into Love: A Conversation with Oyamie Kali Ma'at

    Oyámie Kali Ma'at and Avi Gordon discuss the practice of silence, the relationship between money and service, how to start practicing meditation, and the love that comes from facing pain.
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  • Twenty Years of "Now What?": A Conversation with Hersha Chellaram

    Hersha Chellaram talks about finding meaning in life, how to know the right outlet for our energy, and the importance of accepting our capacity. Quotes from the Interview: * "[The pursuit of excellence] requires some balancing: I think it's really important to still pursue excellence, but then be...

  • If I Don't Love Myself I Don't Love God: A Conversation with Heike Farkas

    Interview with Heike Farkas, where she and Avi Gordon discuss how to shift our attitude towards challenges, the practice of humility, and the importance of having fun.
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  • Nothing is...Everything: A Conversation with Br. David Steindl-Rast

    Witness to World War II in Austria, Benedictine monk for the last 66 years, friend to Swami Satchidananda, and internationally-recognized practitioner of gratitude Brother David Steindl-Rast sits down to talk with Avi Gordon of the Integral Yoga Teachers Association. The discussion covers prayer ...

  • Undo-ism and Health: A Conversation with Dean Ornish, M.D.

    Dean Ornish, M.D., directed clinical research proving, for the first time, the heart disease and early-stage prostate cancer may be stopped or even reversed by comprehensive lifestyle changes, without drugs or surgery. He is founder and president of the non-profit Preventive Medicine Research Ins...

  • Crimes Against Wisdom: A Conversation with Durga Leela

    Durga Leela is a practical, down-to-earth, and to-the-point speaker who has worked on her own path of recovery. She has a great sense of humor and a real warmth for understanding the trials and tribulations of our human condition. She is the founder of Yoga of Recovery, a comprehensive program th...

  • The Wisdom of No Effort: A Conversation with Rowan Cobelli

    Rowan Cobelli and Avi Gordon get together and discuss contentment and Jnana Yoga, as well as what Integral Yoga really is.
    Learn more about Rowan Raghavan Cobelli

  • Being Your Authentic Self: A Conversation with Paola Parvathi Faini

    Host of the IY Podcast Avi Gordon meets via Zoom with Parvathi Faini, founder of the Integral Yoga Center in Milan, Italy. They discuss being the authentic Self and connecting with others.
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  • One Human Tribe: A Conversation with Mazin Jamal

    Mazin Jamal Mahgoub, founder and executive director of non profit organization holistic underground, has done lots of community work and racial justice work. Mazin is also a teacher, as well an artist. Mazin and IYTA director and host Avi Gordon discuss social justice and different ways that peop...