Integral Yoga Podcasts

Integral Yoga Podcasts

Hosted by Avi Gordon, the Integral Yoga Podcast features exclusive interviews with leaders in Yoga, Spirituality, and Mindfulness.
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What is Integral Yoga?

Integral Yoga, as developed by Swami Satchidananda, is comprise of the six classical branches of Yoga (physical practices, meditation and mantra practices, heart-opening practices, selfless service, and self-inquiry) integrated into a holistic system to awaken us to our true nature of peace and joy. The entire system rests upon a foundation of respect for all faiths, for diversities, and for the unity in our diversities.

Integral Yoga Podcasts
  • The Greatnesses of Integral Yoga: A Conversation with Rev. Paraman Barsel

    Reverend Paraman Barsel has been a disciple of Sri Swami Satchidananda since 1970. He has served as president of Yogaville West, the Washington D.C. IYI, New York IYI, and Yogaville East in Connecticut and has served on the Board of Trustees and Spiritual Life Board at Satchidananda Ashram-Yogavi...

  • Art is a Healing Tool: A Conversation with Moksha Sommer

    Moksha Sommer of the band HuDost sits down with Avi Gordon and discusses musical performance as a practice, the beauty of collaboration, and learning to laugh when things go wrong.

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  • Each Piece Needs to Have its Own Peace: A Conversation with Daniel Levin

    Daniel Levin, former Director of Business Development at Hay House, shares a recent shift in perspective that’s left him seeking to be a “mailman” delivering love to everyone he encounters, and discusses nothing less than love itself in this great conversation with Avi Gordon.

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  • Exploring the Ancient Sounds: A Conversation with Daniel Scruggs

    Daniel Scruggs shares his mission with Peace Culture Music, focusing on educating and inspiring through rare musical instruments and artifacts. He reflects on his personal journey, including struggles with dysgraphia and attention issues, which fueled his passion for music and culture. The conver...

  • Living in the Golden Present: A Coversation with Swami Gurucharanananda

    In this episode of the Integral Yoga Podcast, Mataji shares insights into her life journey and spiritual path.

    Born in Washington DC on April Fool's Day, she considers her birth a blessing. Reflecting on her childhood, Mataji recalls her cheerful disposition and love for quiet introspection and...

  • Discovering Authenticity Through Music: A Conversation with Narada Williams

    The conversation delves into the profound impact of communal singing and the healing power of sound vibration, emphasizing the significance of discovering one's authentic voice. It explores experiences in group singing settings, highlighting the importance of encouragement and support for individ...

  • Tales of the Spirit: A Coversation with Snehan Born

    The podcast delves into the profound spiritual journey of Snehan Born, tracing his path from early experiences in church to a lifelong quest for truth and enlightenment. Through encounters with various religious traditions, philosophical explorations, and travels worldwide, Snehan embarks on a qu...

  • Fill Your Own Cup: A Conversation with Rita Pira

    Rita Pira and Avi Gordon discuss having the courage to follow our own path, and how what we consume and what we think creates our experience.

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  • Love as Movement of Life: A Conversation with Alessandra Uma Cocchi

    What would you say if you could whisper into the ear of every person on the planet? Uma and Avi explore the answer to this question as well as many others. Is it beneficial to zoom out and recognize that we have less control over our lives than we really think? What is the cultural impression of ...

  • Rasa: the Yoga of Emotion - A Conversation with Prema Mayi

    Prema Mayi and Avi discuss the emotional connection and release that music allows for, the effects of believing in reincarnation on our quality of life, how we are able to connect to the divine nature of life, and much more. Prema Mayi shares some music to begin and close out the episode.


  • It Shares Itself: A Conversation with Mandee Labelle

    Mandee and Avi discuss the difference between "natural" and "normal." The conversation flows naturally from discussion about honesty, freedom, and relaxation, to the importance of not taking ourselves to seriously. What's the difference between knowing something in the mind and feeling it in my b...

  • The Magic Spot of Equanimity: A Conversation with Laksmi Scalise

    Laksmi Scalise talks with Avi Gordon about "mind science", the joy of not knowing, getting to "that magic spot" of total acceptance, gurus and more.

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  • Resisting the Momentum of Habit: A Coversation with Mia Velez

    Mia Velez and Avi Gordon discuss Yoga and kung fu, connecting to something bigger, finding divinity within, the tao of activism, our relationship with words, inclusivity in Yoga and more.

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  • Challenging the Norms: A Coversation with Michelle Jacobi

    In this enlightening episode, Michelle Jacobi shares her captivating journey into the world of yoga. Starting as a professional dancer in New York with a keen interest in philosophy, Michelle stumbled upon yoga for its profound background rather than its physical aspect.

    During this conversatio...

  • Wrestling with God: A Conversation with Genevieve Georget

    Genevieve Georget and Avi Gordon discuss "wrestling with God", what it means to be ok, acknowledging the smallness of the mind, surrender, community building and other topics.

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  • The Beauty and Awe of Sound and Life: A Conversation with Jesse Sadhu Gallagher

    Sadhu and Avi discuss music, healing, and Yoga, with two short improvised performances.

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  • Modern Problems and Ancient Solutions: A Conversation with Richard Sclove

    Richard Sclove believes that modern capitalist society engenders “insatiability”, and that the ancient Mahabharata suggests a path forward - that it emphasizes social engagement and dharma as the final stage of spiritual growth rather than enlightenment. These topics, from Richard’s new book "Esc...

  • Exploring Somatic Wisdom: A Conversation with James Knight

    This dialogue between James and Avi takes a deep dive into the states of unified consciousness and the challenges of maintaining an expanded awareness amidst the daily nuances of life. Explore the concept of 'inner yes' as a guiding force in decision-making, where the body's sensations become a c...

  • Living Yoga Principles: A Conversation with Rev. Prakash Capen

    Prakash Capen addresses the challenge of self-judgment, advocating for a sense of humor in the pursuit of balance. She discusses the tendency to rank individuals in the spiritual realm and underscores the value of openness to diverse perspectives. Reflecting on ego, Capen views it as a functional...

  • Being Your Own Best Friend: A Conversation with Lindsaya VanDeusen

    Avi and Lindsaya talk about beauty culture, caring (or not caring) what others think of us, the value of simply being aware, how to be your own best friend, the tremendous perspective change of becoming a parent, and more.

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  • Connection, Compassion, and Stillness: A Conversation with Jeff Ananda Kamen

    Avi speaks with past broadcast journalist and present yogi Jeff Ananda Kamen, who shares some engrossing stories about his adventures and his search for meaning, purpose and understanding.

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  • Inspiring Veterans' Mental Health Journey: A Conversation with John Ferguson

    In this inspiring interview, John Ferguson shares his personal journey of finding positivity and using it as a tool to help veterans struggling with mental health issues. John emphasizes the importance of service and reaching out to support those who are suffering. Through his experiences with yo...

  • We Seek The Flow of the Heart: A Conversation with Graham Schweig

    Graham Schweig sits down with Avi Gordon in a conversation that covers the importance of yoga, gratitude, and selflessness in reconnecting with one's heart and embracing life's conditioning forces. They discuss the transformative power of yoga in turning inward to confront inner conflicts and suf...

  • The Power of Pausing Unveiling Your True Self - Jess Frey

    This podcast episode features a conversation with Jess Frey about her recent silent retreat experience and the idea of "coming home" to oneself. Jess and Avi delve into finding a balance between self-improvement and helping others. They discuss the concept of emotional armor and authenticity, hig...