Integral Yoga Podcasts

Integral Yoga Podcasts

Hosted by Avi Gordon, the Integral Yoga Podcast features exclusive interviews with leaders in Yoga, Spirituality, and Mindfulness.
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What is Integral Yoga?

Integral Yoga, as developed by Swami Satchidananda, is comprise of the six classical branches of Yoga (physical practices, meditation and mantra practices, heart-opening practices, selfless service, and self-inquiry) integrated into a holistic system to awaken us to our true nature of peace and joy. The entire system rests upon a foundation of respect for all faiths, for diversities, and for the unity in our diversities.

Integral Yoga Podcasts
  • Remembering We're Not Alone: A Conversation with Karla Helbert

    Karla Herbert is a Professional Counselor. She does lots of grief council and psychotherapy work. This psychotherapy focuses especially on grief, loss and bereavement, working particularly with those affected by trauma and traumatic death. She does lots of eclectic work, as well as experimental w...

  • Right Action in the Face of Injustice: A Conversation with Lotus Morgan

    A joyous and kind-hearted Yogi, Lotus Morgan talks with Avi Gordon about taking right action in a world full of injustices.
    Learn more about Lotus Morgan

  • Yoga & Feng Shui: A Conversation with Nitya Griffith

    An expert in Feng Shui as well as teaching Yoga to children, Nitya Griffith talks with Integral Yoga Podcast host Avi Gordon about living holistically.
    Learn more about Nitya

  • Wellness of the Body and the Natural World: A Conversation with Ganesh MacIssac

    Farm manager and former Executive Director, Ganesh MacIssac, discusses wellness of the body, farming, simple living and the benefits of fasting
    Learn More about Ganesh MacIssac

  • Finding Fulfillment: A Conversation with Swami Karunananda

    Swami Karunananda discusses service and fulfillment with Integral Yoga Podcast host, Avi Gordon.
    Learn more about Swami Karunanda

  • The Journey of a Yogi: A conversation with Atman Fioretti

    Atman Fioretti discusses his spiritual path, and his life of service with Avi Gordon.
    Learn more about Atman Fioretti

  • What Do You Choose to Do: A Conversation with Prahaladen Mandelkorn

    Long-time spiritual seeker, Prahalden Mandelkorn, sits down with Avi Gordon to have a candid conversation about a variety of topics pertaining to what it really means to walk a spiritual path. Full of both wisdom and humor.
    Learn more about Prahaladen Mandelkorn

  • Yoga and Money: A Conversation with Ryan Rockwell

    Former online marketing manager for Yoga Journal, Ryan Rockwell, sits down with Avi Gordon to discuss stepping into our power as a teacher, redefining our relationship with money, reflecting on our path, and the power of personal practices
    Learn more about Ryan Rockwell

  • The Yoga of Relationships: A Conversation with Revs. Bhagavan and Bhavani Metro

    Having been together for almost 60 years, Revs. Bhagavan and Bhavani Metro know a thing or two about the ins and outs of relationships. Avi Gordon joins the Metros in a conversation about successful relationships, finding the right partner and developing spiritual practices together.
    Learn more a...

  • Be Your Own Parent: A Conversation with Sampada Desai

    Sampada Desai inspires us to become our own parents, connect with the power of being grateful, and celebrate our existence.
    "We have a tendency to repeat that which we are familiar with, even though it is not taking us to the state of our desired happiness" - Sampada Desai
    Learn more about Samp...

  • Flying on the Wings of a Devotional Heart - A Conversation with Jai Uttal

    Grammy nominated singer/song writer Jai Uttal sits down with IY Podcast host, Avi Gordon, and opens his heart, sharing pieces of his experience and perspective with authenticity. How do we move beyond our insecurities? How can we be more vulnerable? Jai discusses these questions and more.

    Learn ...

  • An Attitude of Grace: A Talk with Mukta Kaur Khalsa, Ph.D.

    An expert in healing addictive behavior and a long-time disciple of Yogi Bhajan, Mukta Kaur Khalsa, Ph.D., joins Avi Gordon for an engaging conversation that touches on a variety of topics including discipline, making difficult decisions and bringing more fun into life

    Learn more about Mukta

  • Forgiveness is Love: A Talk with Bharata Wingham

    "There's nobody that I've ever seen on a spiritual path that didn't laugh. And some of them laugh a lot!"

    Bharata Wingham sits down with Avi Gordon to discuss the power of forgiveness, making laughter a spiritual practice, and getting out of our own way.

    Learn more about Bharata Wingham

  • Opening to Magic: A Talk with Swami Murugananda

    "The fact that we're conscious beings living on a beautiful planet filled with such a huge variety of living things is astonishing, awesome - as one would say."

    Senior Integral Yoga Monk, Swami Murugananda, sits down with Integral Yoga Podcast host Avi Gordon to discuss a variety of topics inclu...

  • Relaxed and Energized: A Talk With Yoga Teacher Trainer Leticia Padmasri

    Integral Yoga teacher trainer, Leticia Padmasri, E-RYT 500, speaks to podcast host Avi Gordon on a range of topics including serving others simply by being in the moment, balancing being in the here and now with having a plan for the future, and asana is a vehicle to direct the prana.

    Learn mor...

  • Meditate on Death: A Talk with Gary Kraftsow

    Renowned Viniyoga teacher Gary Kraftsow sits down with Integral Yoga Podcast host Avi Gordon for a wide-ranging discussion.

    Learn more about Gary Kraftsow

  • Yin Yoga and Storytelling with Biff Mithoefer

    "When we turn our intention in our practice to something outside ourselves, those lines between ourselves and others begin to soften and we begin to accept others; and becasue those lines are softening, that acceptence comes back."

    Yin Yoga master Biff Mithoefer sits down for a candid conversat...

  • The Power of Yoga to Heal the Body: with Dr. Loren Fishman, Ph.D.

    In this Integral Yoga Podcast, Dr. Loren Fishman sits down with podacast host Avi Gordon to discuss the power of Yoga to heal a range of chronic health problems including osteoporosis, back pain, and more.

    Learn more about Dr. Loren Fishman, Ph.D.

  • What Matters? with Susan Carol Stone, Ph.D.

    Join mindfulness teacher Susan Carol Stone, Ph.D., as she discusses the spiritual path with IY Podcast host Avi Gordon.

    Learn more about Susan Carol Stone

  • Trying Softer - Integral Yoga Podcast with Swami Asokananda

    Integral Yoga Podcast - Episode 5 - Swami Asokananda

    "Once I commit to something, I want to find a way to enjoy it." - Swami Asokananda shares his thoughts on positive living, and how to bring a yogic perspective to all life's endeavors.

    Learn more about Swami Asokananda

  • Yoga for Everyone with Rev. Jivana Heyman

    Integral Yoga Podcast Episode 4 - Jivana Heyman - Yoga for Everyone

    Accessible yoga is an inclusive program to support yoga teachers who are bringing yoga to populations that aren’t included in commercial or mainstream yoga classes. Join the founder of Accessible Yoga, Rev. Jivana Heyman and lea...

  • You've got one life, live it! with Satyam Penn

    Episode 3 - Satyam Penn - You've got one life, live it!

    My approach is to let other people think of my labels for me. It's not really any of my business.

    I think the most you can say about human potential, is that approaching something greater than yourself with an attitude of service, gives y...

  • Self Care is Finding the Self with Krishna Das

    "Real self care is finding the self."

    "A lot of people don't know how to take care of themselves in a very simple way."

    "It's really about becoming a better leader."

    "Look how we live. As if we're never going to die."

    Learn more about Krishna Das

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  • Life of Yoga with Satya Greenstone

    "I find that teaching a yoga class is the one time that I'm not even there." - Satya Greenstone
    Learn more about Satya Greenstone

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