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Watch this video and more on Integral Yoga TV

Watch this video and more on Integral Yoga TV

Mixed Level Pranayama with Alex Ishwari


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  • Foundations of IY Therapy - Adaptive ...

    Session 2 of Foundations of Integral Yoga Therapy with Swami Vidyananda. Join her in this 20-min Sadhana (Spiritual Practice) where she focuses on Adaptive Pranayama.
    Class includes:
    Pranayama with Stretching
    Breath Awareness
    Extended Exhalation

  • Integral Yoga Basic Pranayama with Br...

    In this 15-min class, learn the proper technique and benefits of Integral Yoga's basic pranayama practices:
    1. The 3-part Breath (Dirga Svasam)
    2. The Breath of Fire (Kapalabhati)
    3. Alternate Nostril Breathing (Nadi Suddhi)

  • Introduction to Pranayama with Satya ...

    Satya Greenstone explains the connection between the breath and prana throughout the body with the practice of pranayama, one of the main branches of Hatha Yoga. She shares the physical and mental benefits of pranayama, as well as the ultimate goal of pranayama to focus the mind for meditation. S...