Each Sunday we offer a Live Zoom Q&A with Integral Yoga Teachers from around the world. Here are the recordings of those Q&A's. Topics include Meditation, Spirituality, Happiness, and much more. A new recorded Q&A will be added each week.
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  • Q&A with Swami Chidananda and Swami Satchidananda

    Swami Chidananda, brother monk to Swami Satchidananda & the successor to Swami Sivananda as the head of the Divine Life Society, joins Gurudev for this entertaining and insightful Satsang
    Learn more about Sri Swami Satchidananda

  • Good in Everyone: Q&A with Rev. Paraman Barsel

    How can we appropriately and truly see good in everyone? Rev. Paraman Barsel leads this Q&A discussing the ends and outs of cultivating this attitude.
    Learn more about Rev. Paraman Barsel

  • Taking Care of Others; Taking Care of Ourselves: Q&A with Rev. Prakash Capen

    With many years of experience counseling, mediating and caring for those with chronic illnesses, Rev. Prakash Capen leads this Q&A session about finding balance between caring for ourselves and also caring for others. She is a real gem!
    Learn more about Rev. Prakasha Capen

  • Live What You Know: Q&A with Mataji

    Senior teacher, Mataji, lovingly leads this Q&A on living an authentic life based on that which moves your heart.
    Learn more about Mataji

  • Human & Divine Mother: Q&A with Rev. Premajyothi Devi

    Rev. Premajyothi Devi discusses various ways of relating to our worldly mothers as well as the Divine Mother in all it'Learn more about Premajyothi Devis forms.

  • Undoism, The Path of Contentment: Q&A with Zac Parker

    Zac Parker facilitates a discussion about the topic of contentment, or santosha, a seminal precept in the teachings of Yoga
    Learn more about Zac Parker

  • Juneteenth: Q&A with Pastor Paul Wilson

    Local Baptist pastor and one of Yogaville's esteemed neighbors, Paul Wilson, discusses the celebration of Juneteenth. Pastor Paul has been central in efforts to peacefully protect the local Buckingham County environment.
    Learn more about Pastor Paul Wilson

  • Acceptance: Q&A with Sampada Desai

    Sampada Desai, and eloquent speaker and deep thinker, provides insights for bringing a greater degree of acceptance into one's life.
    Learn more about Sampada Desai

  • The Householder Dharma as a Path to Enlightenment: Q&A with Rev. Lakshmi Barsel

    Enlightenment is not the sole domain of ascetics living in caves...it is available to all of us! It is our birthright. Rev. Lakshmi Barsel discusses the ins and outs of living a householder life in a way that fosters spiritual growth and illumination.
    Learn more about Rev. Lakshmi Barsel

  • How will you Celebrate?: Q&A with Mataji

    Join Mataji, our most senior monk, in this Q&A about finding ways to celebrate. Jai!
    Learn more about Mataji

  • Taking Care of Others; Taking Care of Ourselves - Q&A with Rev. Prakash Capen

    Speaking from many years of personal experience, Rev. Prakash Capen offers tips and insights for how to blend caring for ourselves with caring for others. In fact, when one of these is done well, others and ourselves both benefit and are cared for.
    Learn more about Rev. Prakasha Capen

  • Getting to Know the God of Yoga: Q&A with Rev. Jaganath Carrera

    Is there a 'God of Yoga'? What exactly is the concept of 'God' as put forth by the ancient Yogic texts? Rev. Jaganath offers illuminating insight to this interesting and profound topic.
    Learn more about Rev. Jaganath Carrera

  • Bringing in the Light From Under the Veil: Q&A with Rev. Rudra Swartz

    Rev. Rudra Swartz offers a practical look at ways we can choose to pay more attention to the little bright moments in our lives.
    Learn more about Rev. Rudra Swartz

  • Meditation for Life: Q&A with Ram Wiener

    An engaging discussion with Ram Wiener about how to incorporate a meditative approach throughout one's life
    Learn more about Ram Wiener

  • The Most Important Question: Q&A with Rev. Paraman Barsel

    What is the most important question? Tune in to find out! Not only will you gain understanding and insight, but you're also sure to laugh out loud with senior teacher, Rev. Paraman Barsel
    Learn more about Rev. Paraman Barsel

  • Hidden Gems of the Yoga Sutras, 3 of 3 - Q&A with Rev. Jaganath Carrera

    The last of a 3-part series, Rev. Jaganath offers unique and often overlooked insights into Patanjali's Yoga Sutras. New students and experienced experts alike will be sure to glean deeper understanding through this talk with Rev. Jaganath.
    Learn more about Rev. Jaganath Carrera

  • Overcoming Obstacles: Q&A with Swami Karunananda

    Senior monastic, Swami Karunananda, addresses some difficult topics concerning our contemporary age. Many of us can feel overwhelmed at times by what feels like tumultuous chaos and this Q&A session offers compassionate insight into how we may cope without these difficulties.
    Learn more about Sw...

  • The Chakras: Q&A with Satyam Penn, Ph.D.

    What has become a popular topic throughout modern culture remains full of depth and mystery...but Satyam Penn, Ph.D., is here to illuminate the nuances of the Chakras!
    Learn More about Satyam Penn

  • Carry Gratitude into Everyday: Q&A with Rev. Rudra Swartz

    Down-to-Earth and always ready for a laugh, Rev. Rudra leads a Q&A session about the value of gratitude and offers unique ways to incorporate gratitude into our daily lives.
    Learn more about Rev. Rudra Swartz

  • A Journey Without Distance with a Course in Miracles: Q&A with Bharata Wingham

    A student of 'A Course in Miracles' for many years, Bharata Wingham leads this Q&A about how to use these teachings as a doorway through which we can come to our True Nature.
    Learn more about Bharata Wingham

  • Keeping Your Peace in a Changing World: Q&A with Swami Karunananda

    Swami Karunananda offers powerful tips for maintaining one's equanimity during turbulent times. There are many gems of wisdom in this tremendous discussion.
    Learn more about Swami Karunanda

  • Challenges as Guideposts Towards Peace: Q&A with Mukunda Morozumi

    Multi-talented instructor, Mukunda Morozumi, deftly guides a discussion about how to adjust our approach towards the challenges of life so that we may learn from them in the best way possible.
    Learn more about Marc Mukunda Morozumi

  • "Living Inquiry, The World Mirror" - Q&A with Nataraj Langdon

    In this discussion, we explore how to approach every moment in life as a vehicle for inner growth, as well as the joy that stems from cultivating this approach.
    Learn more about Nataraj Langdon

  • Living Legends: Q&A with Satyam Penn

    Sanskrit scholar and philosopher, Satyam Penn, facilitates this fascinating Q&A about how we can use the daily events of our lives to attune ourselves with the lives of the great saints and sages
    Learn More about Satyam Penn