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Watch this video and more on Integral Yoga TV

Mastering Your Mind: Kriya Yoga - Pt 2

Nalanie Harilela Chellaram

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    Continuing under the theme "Mastering Your Mind" Nalanie discusses Kriya Yoga - the technique of controlling energy through pranayama (breath control) and meditation. This includes a practical demonstration of 'Bhastrika' - 'the Bellows Breath' - and of the 'Bandhas," the energy locks which when ...

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    In the third video in the series "Mastering Your Mind" Nalanie discusses how it is possible to have, and the importance of having non-attachment in personal relationships. Filmed at The George Harilela Yoga Centre, Spain on the 12th October 2022.

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    Continuing the theme of "Mastering Your Mind" Nalanie discusses the meaning and importance of non-attachment when seeking peace.
    Filmed at the George Harilela Yoga Centre, Spain, on the 5th October 2022.

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