21-Day Meditation Tune-up with Swami Divyananda

21-Day Meditation Tune-up with Swami Divyananda

Join Swami Divyananda for a recorded, self-paced series of 21-days of guidance and practice of meditation. Starting with ten minutes, the meditation sessions will increase towards one full hour on the last day. Accept this challenge and invite your life to be fully transformed!
July 20th:
Days 1–7 and 1st Q&A
July 27th:
Days 8–14 and 2nd Q&A
Aug 3rd:
Days 15–21 and 3rd Q&A

Whether you are brand-new to meditation or experienced-but-struggling, these sessions will address your needs and give you the tools and support to sustain and advance a meditation practice.  

With today's myriad outside influences, what means most to our hearts can easily get muddled and lost. However, it is possible to reconnect with the Higher Self and see beyond external messages through meditation and yogic practices. By calming the body, quieting the mind, and allowing for inner reflection, our authentic hearts can be felt.

This workshop includes access to:
21 recorded lecture and meditation sessions with Swami Divyananda
3 recorded Q&A sessions with Swami Divyananda

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21-Day Meditation Tune-up with Swami Divyananda